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4 Ways to Stay In Shape Over the Summer

Let’s be real. The summer is when we want to be looking our finest but it’s also the time that it’s the most fun to go out, eat, drink, and just be merry. That doesn’t always agree with our waistline and with bathing suits, lake drinking, and beach chilling are calling your name, you can’t afford to mess up your workout routine AND your diet.

I choose to follow something called IIFYM (If it fits your macros) and it’s been amazing for these months. It makes you feel just guilty enough to second guess what you’re about to put in your mouth, but it also lets you live your life at the same time while maintaining your goals.

Now if you plan on losing more, I recommend that you still chill with the wild eating habits we all feel on the weekends and stick to scheduled cheat meals, but if you’re just trying to maintain, you’ll love IIFYM (will post on this soon, I promise!) and these three easy ways that I try to stay in shape over these uber fun summer months.  


  • Beachbody On Demand—Before you go running the other direction, hear me out. This isn’t your typical box DVD set that costa $100+. I used to be a Beachbody coach and hated lugging those DVDs out of town with me (especially if I accidentally forgot one at a hotel). I used to hope and pray they would come out with a streaming program. Insert Beachbody On Demand. You have access to all the workouts that you have ever wanted to try (think P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, Focus T25 and SO much more) without having to pay for them individually.  You get meal plans, cooking shows from Autum Calabrese, recipes, workout calenders and so much more! It’s amazing because they charge you $99 but in three installments. Way less than gym membership right? All you need is a few dumbbells and if it’s just you working out, I recommend getting some adjustable ones like these from Bowflex.
  • Pinterest Workouts—What is Pinterest not good at? I’ll answer that…nothing. Whether you’re looking for essential oil recipes, healthy recipes, or wedding ideas, you’ll find what you’re looking for, guaranteed. You can also find some great workouts that require no equipment. Check out my workout board and follow it to stay connected to what workouts I try to do when I’m in a hotel with no weights and crappy cardio equipment. Try looking up ‘HIIT workouts’ or ‘no equipment workouts’.
  • Summer Activities—I love playing outside (minus the bugs, but I’ll put my essential oil recipe to handle that up soon). My fiancé calls me a sun baby because I love roasting in the sun and getting a nice golden glow. If you’re like me, activities like beach/sand volleyball, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, hiking, or swimming to get a great workout (you’ll probably be super sore and tired afterwards because they are SO different than traditional gym workouts!).  This is a great way to have fun with others who may not be so into working out but like outdoor activities as well. Great for parents and kids too!
  • The Fit Britt Accountability Program—I was contacted by a close friend to try to help her stay on track this summer because she was working out hard but not seeing the results she wanted. We started working as accountability partners and assuring that she still reaches her goals but can still have her drinks and treats when she wants. She has lost some weight just in these last couple of weeks and has had a couple Fit Britt reality checks in between.  If you are interested in this program, please leave a comment below or contact me via email at or via Facebook.

There’s no excuse to become a chunky monkey this summer! We want to keep looking fly all year, and these workout ideas and IIFYM are great ways to try to stick to your goals and still have a great time. If you are interested in my accountability program, you can contact me directly (new tab coming soon for the programs I will be offering!).

What are your favorite ways to stay in shape over the summer? Do you find it to be challenging to do so?


Summer Resolutions: 4 Ways to Get Back to Achieving Your Goals

Every year I dread going to the gym and/or grocery store the first Monday in January.  Why you ask? Well I get really ticked that everyone decides that it’s their time to get in shape and they happen to be crowding MY area that I happen to use YEAR ROUND.  *sigh* I digress.  But after I unbunch my panties, I realize that these people are here for the same reason I’m here: to better themselves.  I just happened to have a head start.

Did you make a bunch of resolutions for 2017 that you’ve honestly failed to keep up since, oh let’s see, January 2nd? Most people spend time every year picking several things they want to do.

“I want to lose 20 pounds!”

“I want to quit smoking!”

“I want to save $1,000!”

“I’m finally going to pay off my (student/credit card) loans!”

Though these and many other New Year’s resolutions are good attempts at moving in the right direction, it seems that we start hard and fast, only to fizzle out by the end of week one.  Why is this? Is this because we set our sights too high? Is it because we aren’t good enough to achieve these goals? Maybe we’re meant to be fat, smoking bad parents, but I beg to differ.

I really think it’s because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best right out the gate. To all my marathon runners—were you able to run 21.2 miles your first day on the track? To all my fitness competitor friends—were you able to do cardio on the stair master for an hour straight on your first day? We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the best right out the gate, which is unfair and, quite frankly, insane.  Often times people have either tried their resolutions in the past and failed, but rarely learned from their mistakes.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for different results.  Why not take a different approach to your resolutions and give yourself a break?

Here are four tips to help you get back on track and be successful in your 2017 endeavors whether that’s getting your summer body or save up for a dream vacation:

Make a Vision Board

Wouldn’t it be helpful to be reminded what your goals are every day? Vision boards are a great way to make sure that your goals are at the forefront of your mind and every choice and decision you make will help you get closer to this goal.  Vision Board parties are all the rage these days. But what is this you ask? Vision boards are pictures, words, and phrases that one has either printed out or taken from a magazine that represent the goals you have.  Studies have shown that seeing these goals visually represented increases the likelihood of accomplishing the goal.

Happy Dance Time!–Congratulate Yourself on How Far You’ve Come

Trying to lose 50 pounds? Celebrate the first five! Trying to pay off $5,000 in credit card debt? Celebrate your first $500! Everything is worth celebrating because YOU WORKED HARD TO ACHIEVE IT.  You were disciplined enough to find a way to hack away at your goal and make it more of a reality than it was five pounds and $500 ago.  The more you celebrate, the more likely you are to stay motivated and look forward to achieving more in the future.  Positive vibes only, please!

Houston, we have a Problem!—Why are you continuing to fail? Create some SMART goals

If you are trying to quit smoking, are you still going outside with your smoker friend at the bar even though you’ve told him or her that you’re trying to quit? Stop putting yourself in situations where you may fall back into old habits.  Everyone’s got that friend that never gains weight and is CONSTANTLY eating (jealous, much?), so when you’re trying to lose weight, ask that friend to try to support your decision and either pick healthier dining options you both can enjoy or maybe you limit how much you go out with that friend.  Haters are gonna hate, but they’ll hate whether you reach your goal or not, so make sure your priorities are in check!

Also creating SMART goals is important.  SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.  Give yourself mini deadlines and make sure you hold yourself accountable. I originally start my Instagram to remain accountable for doing my workouts every day with the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!—How partnering up will help make you more accountable

I love getting the love of my life John to be a victim—I mean participant in whatever meal plan or workout plan I’m doing.  He’s such a trooper and really tries to motivate me and remind me why I am doing what I do.  Teamwork does not have to come in the form of a spouse! If you’re trying to lose weight, start a Facebook group to help keep everyone accountable for a set period of time (a week, thirty days, etc.).  If you’re trying to save money, download the app Digit, to start saving without pinching pennies.  I love apps like Digit because it monitors my spending and assesses where it can take some dolla dolla bills here and there to help me reach my savings goal (Disney trip, wedding, etc.).

Remember, no goal is too big! Just remember that it’s ok to work towards it rather than wishing for it all to happen overnight or all at once.  Just stop, check yourself, and keep moving, no matter how much you’ve already stumbled.

As my girl Aaliyah once said “When at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself of and try again.” Get up, Buttercup, and take charge of that life you have always wanted!

How are you working on achieving your goals throughout the year? Did you fall of the bandwagon with those resolutions?